Rosemary extract

- Natural, healthy, safe antioxidant,  to extend the shelf life of products.
- Resistant up to 240℃, and well dissolved in both water-based and oil-based products.

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Monk fruit extract

- Zero-calorie natural sweetener. Easily soluble in water.
- Around 300 times sweeter than sugar with pure flavor.
- Helpful to clear throat, moisten lung and prevent caries.

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Stevia Extract

- Natural sweetener. High sweetness, low calorie, not involved in blood glucose metabolism.

- Good solubility and stable to light / heat / acid / alkali environment.

- Save more than 60% of the cost compared with the use of sucrose.

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Citrus aurantium extract

Raw materials of natural flavonoid health products

- Natural, effective ingredient for cardiovascular health.

- Customized service is available according to customer requirements.

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