Be a leader in deep development and comprehensive utilization of plant extracts

Delore Group is located in Changsha, Hunan, China. Delore is professional  in production, R&D and sales of plant extracts. Delore owns 2 factories, 1 third-party lab and 3 GAP planting bases of raw materials, and the R&D team has been rewarded as innovation team by the government . Delore has been committed to deep development and comprehensive utilization of plant extract, to offer cost-effective natural products and solutions. Delore Group has been keeping the pursuit of “Green Products for Human Health”, developing the relationship between plants and human health, and dedicating passion to "nature, health and peace".

Rosemary extract

- Natural, healthy, safe antioxidant,  to extend the shelf life of products.
- Resistant up to 240℃, and well dissolved in both water-based and oil-based products.

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Monk fruit extract

- Zero-calorie natural sweetener. Easily soluble in water.
- Around 300 times sweeter than sugar with pure flavor.
- Helpful to clear throat, moisten lung and prevent caries.

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Citrus aurantium extract

- Natural, effective ingredient for cardiovascular health.
- Customized service is available according to customer requirements.

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