Rosemary Extract—Carnosic acid-Delore
Rosemary extract

Rosemary extract

Carnosic acid (liquid)


 - Carnosic acid (liquid) 5%-25%

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Our advantages:

- Our factory is close to the main origin of raw materials to ensure the yield of fresh fruit extraction.

- The by-products in the extractions are separated, extracted and applied to end products.

- Large throughput (12000 tons of raw materials per year) to reduce the production costs.


- Carnosic acid is heat-stable natural antioxidant, to reduce the oil oxidation of food and feed.

- Ursolic acid and carnosic acid have effect of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in cosmetics and health products.

- Rosmarinic acid has effects of bacteriostatic, antiseptic and color protection in beverages and pigments.


- Natural, healthy, safe antioxidant, to extend the shelf life of products.

- Resistant up to 240℃ , and well dissolved in both water-based and oil-based products.