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2021 Plant Extracts Review Issue 5

Date : 2021/12/17

Scutellaria baicalensis

Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi of Labiatae belongs to perennial herb

Another name is Camellia root and scutellariae radix

Born in sunny grass slope and fallow land, harvested in spring and autumn

Mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places in China

There are artificial cultivations in many provinces in northern China

Scutellaria baicalensis has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxifying, stopping bleeding and preventing miscarriage, and is known as the golden tea root

Scutellaria baicalensis (traditional Chinese medicine) generally refers to dried roots or root slices of Scutellaria baicalensis.

Scutellaria baicalensis extract is light yellow or brownish yellow powder

Chinese name: scutellaria baicalensis extract.

The source of raw materials for this evaluation is in Shandong, China.

As for the samples of Scutellaria baicalensis extract, we selected 85% of Scutellaria baicalensis extracts as evaluation objects.
The cost of this evaluation: the testing cost is 2030 yuan (open price)+the sample cost is 0 yuan  = 2030 yuan in total.

▼ Raw material test result

(visual shooting of raw material)

(data for reference only)

The evaluation material is scutellaria baicalensis root slice.

The details can be seen in the video above

The content of baicalin in raw materials is relatively high.

Among the heavy metal content detection items, arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium are shown in the above figure.

▼ Extract test result 

 (visual video of  sample A)

 (visual video of  sample B)

(Color display will be different for different devices.)

Samples A and B are light yellow powders, and sample a is yellowish

In terms of the content of active ingredients, all the data are shown in the above figure, among which the baicalin content of sample B does not reach the calibration value (85%)

(data for reference only)

As for heavy metal detection, the data of the samples are as shown above (extraction method has a certain effect on the heavy metal content)

This time, in terms of solvent residue, we only detected the residual value of ethanol (both samples A and B were extracted by ethanol).

▼ Expand

Scutellaria baicalensis has a long history of medicinal use in China, which is recorded in such great works as Shennong Materia Medica, Compendium of Materia Medica, Chinese Pharmacopoeia and Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a commonly used Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and drying dampness.

Attention required:

Scutellaria baicalensis is a bitter and cold product. Some patients may have symptoms such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea. Those with deficiency of spleen and stomach should be used with caution, while those with loose stool should not be used.

Due to different regions, there are some differences in the quality of Scutellaria baicalensis.

Scutellaria baicalensis in Shanxi, China is the most popular scutellaria baicalensis in the market, with the content of effective substances up to standard and moderate price.

Scutellaria baicalensis in Inner Mongolia belongs to wild Scutellaria baicalensis with long growth years, which has high content of effective substances and high price, but its resources are very limited.

The content of effective substances in Scutellaria baicalensis in Shandong is higher than that in Shanxi, and the price is relatively high.

Scutellaria baicalensis in Gansu, China is an annual scutellaria baicalensis, and the content of effective substances is relatively low.

Modern research found that:

Scutellaria baicalensis contains a lot of flavonoids, glycosides, terpenes, trace elements, enzymes, sterols, organic acids and other substances.

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-tumor, antihypertensive, antithrombotic, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, antipyretic, sedative, analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral effects

Because of its wide antibacterial range, in vitro studies have found that raw and processed scutellaria baicalensis are effective against Shigella dysenteriae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella enteritidis.

Baicalin, the main component, has obvious inhibitory effect on cytopathic effects caused by more than 10 viruses, such as influenza virus, parainfluenza virus and coxsackie virus.

In addition, it has anti-endotoxin effect, can reduce the damage of endotoxin to cell membrane structure, and has better protective effect on immune, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive and nervous systems. Scutellaria baicalensis is also widely used in the COVID-19 epidemic.

The above is the contents of NO. 5 Plant Extraction Evaluation

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