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Thanks for meeting, thanks for the love of years

Date : 2021/11/25

If life is a way, gratitude is the most beautiful bloom


"Whoever you meet,

He's the right person in your life,

It's no accident. He will teach you something.

So I also believe that wherever I go,

That's where I should go,

Go through what I should go through,

Meet the person I should meet. "

- Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism


It has been the fifth yea since its establishment of Hunan Delore Natural Products Co.,Ltd in 2016.

In the days of walking side by side with all workmates, clients and partners, we treat each other with integrity. We face and undertake together, regardless of success, joy or setbacks.

Every successful leap forward, in the face of workmates and clients in the same boat, there is always a mood that makes us difficult to calm down, that is gratitude.

Every cooperation is a friendly and mutual assistance,

Cooperation, let us become true friends,

Thank you for your consistent support, trust and tolerance,

Making today’s DELORE.


In the days to come, As always, Delore Group will remember  the original intention, forge ahead and work together!

Thank the workmates for all the efforts. No matter what industry engaged in, every worker is striving for a better life!

It is the persistence of every ordinary person in an ordinary post that leads to a happy life at the moment!

Thank all clients for your trust and support!

We will stick to our posts and provide you with the most professional services!


Hunan Delore Test Co.,Ltd is the first in Hunan, and the second in China, who is specialized in the testing for the plant extracts and their applications. In addition the lab is identified by both CNAS and CMA.

Delore Test is able to serve the below testing service:

Plant extracts

Feed and feed additives

Food and agricultural products

Chinese medicinal materials and drugs


In the future, through more mature testing technology and high-quality and efficient services, DeNO testing will help the government and enterprises strengthen production process safety control and product quality and safety control, ensure product safety, convey market trust, and provide more and more comprehensive technical services for our customers.

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