Welcome for Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association’s Visit-Delore

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Welcome for Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association’s Visit

Date : 2021/11/11

Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association came to Hunan Delore Natural Products Co.,Ltd on 10/11/2021.The vice president Liu Yangyangzi and the staff show warm welcome to their visit.

Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association visited Delore Group guided by Liu Yangyangzi.

Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association visited the showroom firstly.

Yangzi introduced the history, enterprise and products of Delore Group, and the current state as well as the corporate planning.

The guests show their praise on our plant extracts, feed additives and side products.

After that, the guests came to the Delore Test Co.,Ltd.

Yangzi introduced the equipments and technology in the lab.

Women entrepreneurs have expressed their emotion about the transformation of a new healthy lifestyle under the rapid development of biomedical research, and highly praised plant extract products and DeNO detection technology, and had a strong interest.

After that the guests came to the meeting rooming for further communications. Chat mode is on since then.

Thanks again for Changsha Women Entrepreneurs Association’s coming!

After this visit, the guests of the women's Enterprise Association have deepened their understanding and trust in our Delore group. In the next time, Delore will continue to adhere to and focus more on providing first-class products and perfect technology for plant extracts.

Hunan Delore Test Co.,Ltd is the first in Hunan, and the second in China, who is specialized in the testing for the plant extracts and their applications. In addition the lab is identified by both CNAS and CMA.

Delore Test is able to serve the below testing service:

Plant extracts

Feed and feed additives

Food and agricultural products

Chinese medicinal materials and drugs


In the future, through more mature testing technology and high-quality and efficient services, DeNO testing will help the government and enterprises strengthen production process safety control and product quality and safety control, ensure product safety, convey market trust, and provide more and more comprehensive technical services for our customers.

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