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2021 Phase III for evaluation of plant extract

Date : 2021/11/08

Phase III—St.John's Wort Extract, Data tell you the answer

St.John's Wort Extract

Guttiferae, perennial herbaceous plant of Hypericum species

Growing on hillsides, roadsides, grasslands, forests and rivers with an altitude of 500-2100 meters

Blooming in July and August, and fruiting in September and October.

It is distributed in Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and Jiangxi etc.

Aerial parts  which is above the ground of St.John's Wort Extract are used as medicine.

It is bitter and mild. It has effects of soothing the liver, relieving depression,

clearing heat and dampness, reducing swelling and relieving pain

In China, people often crush fresh whole grass of Hypericum perforatum or use dry powder of directly to the injured part to treat wound bleeding and burns.

The evaluated extract is St.John's Wort Extract.

In general, St.John's Wort Extract is pale yellow to brown powder with good mobility.

Chinese name: guan ye lian qiao()

The origin of evaluated material was Hebei, China.

About the sample, we chose St.John's Wort Extract samples from Company A in Inner Mongolia and Company B in Sichuan (0.3% total hypericin) as evaluated objects.

The total cost of this evaluation: test cost RMB2330 (public price) + sample cost 0 yuan (sponsored by sampling company) = total RMB2330 only

▼ Raw material test results

(Raw material video)

(The color display of different devices will be different)

The raw material was the aerial part of the root of St.John's Wort Extract after drying.

See the video above for details

The total content of hypericin was 0.13% determined by ultraviolet spectrophotometry (UV).

The content of plumbum and cadmium are relatively high in the test of heavy metal content.

(Real video of sample a)

(Real video of sample b)

The color display of different devices will be different)

The color of sample A and B is shown as above picture. The color of sample B is relatively deep.

(The data are for reference only)

As for heavy metal detection, the data of the samples are as shown above (extraction method has a certain effect on the heavy metal content)

In the aspect of residual solvent, the content of methanol and ethanol in sample B are relatively high compared with sample A.

▼ Addition

The study on chemical component of Hypericum species plant

Phytochemical researches had been conducted for more than 70 plants of Hypericum species, and more than 90 ingredients had been found.

Furthermore, the majority of these ingredients have pharmacological action.

There are few records of using Hypericum Perforatum to treat depression in Chinese traditional medical literatures.

 However, there are more than 110 literatures regarding to the using of St.John's Wort Extract to treat depression in academic community.

In Germany, 40% drugs for depression contain St.John's Wort Extract.

Hypericin, which is the active ingredient of St.John's Wortct, which has excellent action in antidepressant drugs related to dopamine.

It is certificated that dopamine in normal rats increased by 40% after a single high dose of hypericin in experiments.

Overall, there is no significant difference between the effect of reducing depression of St.John's Wort Extract and that of the SSRI and TCA (antidepressant drug).

A report, studying on St.John's Wort Extract published in Europe in last year, shows that St.John's Wort Extract can relieve psychophysiological symptoms caused by amenorrhea, such as Irritability, depression, anxiety, poor concentration, mental tension, etc.

According to research report of British Medical Journal, the efficacy of St.John's Wort Extract and imipraminum in the treatment of depression is compared. The research result is the efficacy is similar to each other. However, patients are more likely to take St.John's Wort Extract. 26% patients have adverse reaction after taking imipraminum and give up taking. While as for St.John's Wort Extract, only 3% patients give up taking.

There is rich clinic experience of using St.John's Wort Extract, and drug property is safer. 

Because there is interaction between St.John's Wort Extract and various drugs, it must be taken under the guidance of a physician when using

That's all in this issue!

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