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Biofach China Asia international organic products Expo

Date : 2021/05/13

Biofach China Asia international organic products fair, jointly organized by Nuremberg International Expo Group and China Academy of inspection and quarantine Sciences, is in progress.

The exhibition is a well-known organic products trade event in Asia, with more than 100 enterprises participating, and the scene is crowded and lively.

The atmosphere on the spot is really hot. There are people asking and understanding in front of each booth. After walking around, I learned a lot about organic food and raw materials. I really gained a lot!

As one of the exhibitors of this grand event, Delore has made full preparations for this exhibition.

The products in this exhibition are divided into three categories

-Organic fruit and vegetable powder

-Organic extract

-High quality American organic raw materials for drinks and food

Industry trends

In the post epidemic era, it is particularly important to stabilize people's livelihood and promote economy. In the first year of the 14th five year plan, the goal of GDP growth of more than 6% in 2021 is undoubtedly to make economic growth and other indicators such as people's livelihood and ecology smoothly link up and develop in a coordinated way, so as to make China's economy move forward steadily and steadily.

The government strongly encourages the organic industry to usher in the golden age

It is not difficult to find that in recent years, the state has issued a number of policies and regulations, which are highly consistent with the basic principles and concepts of organic agriculture. The organic food industry has become a new industry leading green development, ecological development and transformation development, and China's organic industry has entered a golden development period.

After the epidemic, the restrained consumption power of consumers will be released, and more attention will be paid to health, immunity and food safety. Organic healthy diet will usher in a new market growth point. According to the organic market industry report released by foresight Industry Research Institute, the scale of organic food industry in 2022 may exceed 90 billion yuan.

Based on the local and facing the international

One belt, one road agricultural cooperation has achieved remarkable results in the steady growth of China's organic product trade and the expansion of agricultural cooperation. One belt, one road, is to take the initiative to promote the development of organic agriculture and food safety. It will contribute to the promotion of the "one belt and one road" initiative and enhance the competitiveness and influence of our own characteristic agriculture and organic agriculture in the world.

As the wind vane of organic industry in Asia, biofach China is an excellent place for organic producers to show their corporate brands and enhance their brand image. Backed by biofach Germany international organic products Expo, as its subsidiary exhibition, biofach China can not only base itself on the local market, but also have international resources. It is not only the door for domestic products to go out, but also the key for foreign high-quality products to be introduced.


Nowadays, green organic healthy life is becoming more and more popular, and the promotion of organic and sustainable lifestyle, socialist ecological civilization concept, and modern concept of harmonious development between man and nature is becoming more and more important. I hope that the majority of organic food industry practitioners can stand in a new perspective to think about the organic food industry and China Organic exhibition today and tomorrow! Delore will continue to make its own contribution to the development of China's organic food industry.

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