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Delore takes you back to the annual meeting...

Date : 2021/04/26

This is how things go!

The 2021 annual meeting of Hunan plant extracts Association and the 12th China plant extraction Summit Forum were successfully concluded in Changsha from April 23 to 25!

The grand occasion of these three days can be described as the roar of gongs and drums and firecrackers, which is quite spectacular.

At the same time, our little brother and sister of Delore are also out of the circle very much. They want to be beautiful and talented.

But is this all of us? Is beauty our label?

That's obviously not.

Delore group has the third-party laboratory with national certification (CMA, CNAs)

Each batch of products

We all do sampling

Issue the third party inspection report with the goods

Let your use no longer have worries

Hunan Delore Testing Co., Ltd. is the first professional third-party testing institution in Hunan Province and the second in China, which focuses on the application field of plant extracts and their products and has the most complete testing equipment.

Through mature testing technology and high-quality and efficient service, Delore testing will help the government and enterprises to strengthen production process safety control and product quality safety control, ensure product safety, transfer market trust, and provide more and more comprehensive technical services for customers.

Beauty is not all of us! Strength is the key,

Finally, I would like to thank the company's small partners for their hard work!

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