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Good News- Hunan Herbalth Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is officially founded

Date : 2020/12/01

At the final meeting held on the afternoon of the 17th, the experts of the review team confirmed the technical capabilities of our laboratory on site, recognized our company's experimental software and hardware equipment, management level, and personnel quality, and agreed that our company's internal responsibilities The division of labor is reasonable, the work process is scientific and rigorous, the capabilities of the operators and the equipment environment can basically meet the needs, and the various quality activities are in a controlled state and can run well and effectively, and they have all the testing capabilities within the scope of the certification. The relevant person in charge stated on the spot that they will continue to strengthen and improve the operational effectiveness of the management system and improve the level of inspection and testing capabilities based on the opinions of the expert group.

Hunan Pfeike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development, production and sales of feed additives, functional energy and protein raw materials, animal health products and other products. At present, it has successfully built a direct-selling-based network supplemented by distribution, covering more than 95% of the customer market in China and extended to Southeast Asia and other regions, and has focused on promoting three-dimensional and characteristic services.

Heruikangyuan Biologics has been born with the times and shoulders the important task of plant extracts in the development of China's animal husbandry. Based on the experience of Denuo Group in the national plant extract industry for many years, it supports the sales network of Pfike Biological Group in the national animal husbandry industry. Integrate brand and market resources, enhance brand value, and jointly serve a better life in China.

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