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FIC2023 is in progress

Date : 2023/03/16

After more than 20 years of development,

FIC has become an industry brand exhibition with high recognition

and strong industry cohesion at home and abroad.

Focus on providing an efficient and fast service platform to promote

the application of food ingredients in the food industry.

FIC2023 Gathered well-known enterprises at home and abroad,

exhibited various new products, new technologies, and new

achievements, bringing innovation trends and future trends to the

forefront of the food ingredient industry.

The FIC exhibition was crowded and lively;

the atmosphere was very warm.

There are people asking and negotiating in front of each booth.

After walking around, we learned a lot about food additives

and ingredients; It’s really rewarding!


As one of the exhibitors of this exhibition,

Delore has made full preparations for this exhibition.

Our products in this exhibition are divided into two categories:

Natural antioxidant Rosemary extract;

Natural sweetener Monk fruit extract, Stevia extract;

Let us gather together in Shanghai,

and let natural antioxidants and natural sweeteners add

a "fresh" and "sweet" flavor to the FIC exhibition!

Let "Natural freshness" come to your mouth!

Let "Natural sweetness" sweeten into your heart!

-About Delore-

As the world's leading manufacturer

and supplier of natural antioxidants and natural sweeteners, Delore Group's innovative factories adopt international

leading production equipment and automatic control

systems to ensure stable product quality and meet

consumers' demand for green products.

Company advantages

The advantage of Raw material :

close to the main origin of raw materials,

which can ensure the stable supply

of raw materials and price advantages

The advantage of the factory:

use photovoltaic power generation to save energy costs by 20%

The advantage of Equipment:

the most advanced extraction equipment is used,

and the throughput is in the forefront of the industry

The advantage of Testing: 

third-party laboratories certified by CMA to ensure stable quality

The advantage of the concept:

Extract and apply the by-products in the product to improve

the cost performance of the main components.


The exhibition will last for three days, from March 15th to 17th,

anybody who wants to come, hurry up,

Delore is waiting for you at the National Convention

and Exhibition Center!

Delore has always insisted on being a leader

in the in-depth development and comprehensive utilization

of the plant extract industry. It is our eternal mission to provide our

customers with cost-effective natural products and solutions.

Delore pursues the core concept of

"Green products serve human health",

constantly explores the relationship between plants and human

health, and dedicates passion to "Nature, Health and Peace"!

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