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Delore Group was recognized as the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2022

Date : 2023/02/10

In order to fully implement the strategic positioning

and mission of "Three high and four new",

accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven

development strategy, and further improve the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body,

Hunan Delore Future Products Co., Ltd.

passed the accreditation of provincial enterprise

Technology Center in 2022 in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Hunan Enterprise Technology Center Accreditation Management Measures".

Notice on the publicity of the proposed recognition

list of Hunan Engineering Research Center and

Enterprise Technology Center in 2022:

According to the requirements of

"Administrative Measures for Hunan Engineering Research Center",

"Administrative Measures for the Identification of Hunan Enterprise Technology Center" and "Notice on the Organization of the Application for Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Engineering Research Center in 2022",

the application and evaluation work

of Hunan Engineering Research Center

and Enterprise Technology Center in 2022 has been completed.

A total of 43 engineering research centers and 42 enterprise technology centers were identified.

The selection is the following Delore Group won

the "Hunan Province Manufacturing quality benchmarking" title, another provincial recognition!

The successful passing of the 2022 Provincial Enterprise

Technology Center of Delore Group is a high recognition of Delore Group's technology by the state and customers,

an important achievement of the Group's development,

and a further reflection of Delore Group's value.

Deno has advanced plant extract manufacturing

and testing equipment, through years of market verification,

has been deeply trusted and loved by the majority of customers,

and has been widely recognized

by the domestic and foreign markets,

we will continue to walk the route of brand management,

strive for the industry pioneer enterprise.

Deno has more than 100 sets of production

and testing equipment, strong research and development strength, perfect quality management system

and automatic extraction production line in line with GMP standards, integrated digital dynamic countercurrent extraction,

mixing bed continuous separation separation and purification system, three-effect falling film concentrator,

spray drying and other technologies and equipment.

It provides a strong guarantee for the industrial production of

high-purity active monomers and standardized extracts.

The production base of Delore adopts the digital

quality management intelligent system

to improve the quality and efficiency in the process control

of plant extract production,

and adopt the automation of equipment.

Reduce staffing to the greatest extent,

in addition to reducing labor costs, while forming

the key process to form digital control,

visual inspection equipment has many advantages,

quality control ability,

enhance the company's core competitiveness.

Enterprise technology center is a comprehensive organization

for enterprises to formulate and implement

long-term development strategies, integrate internal

and external resources, manage technological innovation

activities as a whole, engage in major technological research

and development, and promote the transformation of scientific

and technological achievements into real productive forces.

It is the core of enterprise technology innovation system.

The provincial enterprise technology center identification

carries out a comprehensive assessment

of the enterprise technology innovation system from

the aspects of organization, operation mechanism,

funding, talent introduction and training,

and industry-university-research cooperation,

aiming at strengthening the dominant position of enterprise technology innovation and promoting enterprises to continuously improve the research and development level and innovation ability through the evaluation of enterprise technology center.

As early as December 30, 2021, the website

of Hunan Department of Industry and Information Technology

and Hunan Provincial Bureau of Science,

Technology and Industry for National Defense announced

that Hunan Deno Health Management Group Co., LTD.

(now Hunan Deno Health Industry Group Co., LTD.)

was recognized as the first provincial enterprise

technology center in Hunan Province.

The provincial enterprise technology center recognition is the government's affirmation of Delore again.

In the future, Deno will continue to innovate,

do a good job in the in-depth development

and comprehensive utilization of plant extracts,

promote the common development of the industry

and its upstream and downstream industries,

help enterprises, help the government, help the country,

and make unremitting efforts. Delore Group will continue

to improve the innovation ability in the field of science and technology, and constantly improve the company's independent innovation ability and research and development level,

and promote the company to achieve acceleration

and high-quality continuous quality improvement!


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