Monk Fruit Extract,Mogroside V,Fruit powder,Monk fruit erythritol blend-Delore
Monk fruit extract

Monk fruit extract

Monk Fruit Extract


- Mogroside V 5%-65%

- Monk fruit polysaccharides

- Monk fruit powder

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Recommendation in combined use:

- Stevia extract (Steviol glycosides 80%~99%, sweetness×150~400)

- Chicory extract (Inulin 90%~95%, sweetness×0.1~0.5)

- Erythritol (sweetness×0.6~0.8)


- Used as natural sweetener and formulation

- Used as new table-sugar and sugar substitute

- Helpful to clear throat, moisten lung and prevent caries


- Zero calorie and zero fat

- Clean flavor and no bitter after-taste

- 100% water soluble and pH 3~11 stable