Introduction of Delore Health Laboratory

    Delore Health Laboratory is a technological enterprises with production and research integration which focus on extracting and separating for the natural plant . And it is based on the requirement of two-oriented society, seting the technological innovation as the driving force and using the advantages from the factory. On the basis of botany, it is also fusing the biological pharmaceutical, medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and so on, upgrading the surrounding industry as a whole.
    Importing the Rotary evaporator, Shimadzu AA-6880 atomic absorption spectrophotometer,
    UVmini-1240 UV-visible spectrophotometer, Constant temperature and humidity incubator, SX series box-type resistance furnace, Waters HPLC, Shimadzu GC and a batch of high-tech equipment. The laboratory is mainly study all kinds of plant extracts ingredients function and qualitative quantitative process improvement, including rosemary acid, olive leaf extract, mangosteen extract, mulberry extract, citrus aurantium extract and  other several big plant extracts of process improvement and purity of each component content, etc.
    Rosemary acid series mainly including fat-soluble antioxidants carnosic acid (content can achieve 90%), rosemary acid soluble antioxidants (it has the effect on antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, content can be up to 98%), ursolic acid (content can be up to 98%);Olive leaf extract mainly include olive bitter glucoside (content can reach more than 60%), oleanolic acid (content up to 98%), Mangosteen extract mainly includes a mangosteen element (content can be up to 90%), the components of polyphenols; Mulberry leaf extract mainly includes DNJ, mulberry leaf flavonoids; citrus aurantium extract mainly includes pomelo peel glucoside, new hesperidin.

    At present, we already formed the core categories and performance guarantee the stability of the product content, the basic content of the core product has reached more than 90%. It can ensure the development of rising steadily and getting the back-office support as owning  our factory and strong supply for the integration system. And on this basis, we can gradually cover all types of plant extracts in domestic, deepen the research and development. For plant extracts common products, we have the stable testing methods and the measures  for quality guarantee, to ensure that all products with high quality.  Now the main products cover the domestic market and all plant extracts.

    The Laboratory has established talent team systematically, research and development platform and operation management mechanism, it forms the basis for sustainable development. In the early,  Huamao technology has accumulated and integration of the existing research and development strength,  through the powerful cooperation with Hunan Agricultural University, now we have the international first-class research quipment and talent personnel. For existing industry system and the detection range, relying on the international standard as measure index of the status quo, we are perfect the inspection standard of all kinds of plant extracts,  it has the huge role in promoting industry standards for plant extracts in the industry.

    Currently, we have got the breakthrough for the rosemary acid antioxidant technology improvement and phytochemistry research achievements. It has produced important influences on both at home and abroad. The main core product range has been ranked among the top industry, won the industry consensus. 

    Delore Health is committed to human health, and creating healthy industry firstly. We always adhere to the pursuit of quality excellence, health, technology and market stability.  Quality is the best business card for us. 

  •  vessel cabinet

    vessel cabinet

  • Constant temperature and humidity incubator

    Constant temperature and humidity incubator

  •  Automatic double-distilled water distiller    Glass chromatography column+Iron sets

    Automatic double-distilled water distiller Glass chromatography column+Iron sets

  • Rotary evaporator

    Rotary evaporator

  •  Oven


  • Shimadzu AA-6880 atomic absorption spectrophotometer

    Shimadzu AA-6880 atomic absorption spectrophotometer

  • UVmini-1240 UV-visible spectrophotometer

    UVmini-1240 UV-visible spectrophotometer

  • Cylinder storage room  Acetylene Nitrogen, etc.

    Cylinder storage room Acetylene Nitrogen, etc.

  • SX series box-type resistance furnace

    SX series box-type resistance furnace

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